Road To Orthodontics

An orthodontist Greensboro is a dental professional who specializes in dentofacial orthopedics and orthodontics. They are known to have advanced knowledge in the field of dentistry and mainly treat jaw problems and misaligned teeth. This professional mainly uses devices like retainers and braces to straighten any misaligned teeth.

An orthodontist provides great contributions to the society. They give benefits that no other professionals can give. Not only can they promote better oral health; they help people acquire better emotional and physical health as well.

But behind every orthodontist is a large amount of hard work and discipline.

To become a licensed orthodontist Greensboro is not easy. You need to understand of the responsibility and dedication that goes with it.

Post-graduate programs in the field of orthodontics are competitive and not everyone who wishes to enroll is selected. Further, you need to be financially ‘healthy’ and or adept. Combining your studies in college, dental school as well as the orthodontic program, the road to orthodontics can take between 8 and 10 years.

Not a single orthodontist will deny that pursuing this career is truly challenging. However, no one among them will also contradict that it’s rewarding.

The financial benefits alone can give them that feeling that all hardships are worth it. In the United States, the average income of an American orthodontist can reach to approximately $200,000.

According to these extraordinary professionals, practicing their profession is also fulfilling considering that they’ve helped countless patients to have better smiles and regain lost self-esteem. Becoming an orthodontist is also beneficial because the demand for these professionals will continue to increase in the upcoming years. This assures security and stability to those pursuing this profession.

Educational Requirements

Orthodontists were once dentists. No one has ever jumped straight to being an orthodontist. After procuring the license to practice dental medicine, it’s mandatory to complete an orthodontics program which can take from 2 to 3 years.

But before you’re eligible to enroll in a dental school, you must first acquire a bachelor’s degree. If you want to become a dentist or even an orthodontist, the preferred courses to take are nursing or any course related to the medical field. A dentistry course takes around 4 years. Once completed, the student can acquire the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine or the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Once you have acquired a bachelor’s degree, you are to take and pass the Dental Admission Test, which is conducted and given by the American Dental Association. After finishing the standard dental program, becoming an orthodontist is optional but highly recommended if you want to gain more credentials and become an advanced dentist.

Usually, orthodontic programs take 2 to 3 years before completion. During these years, they’ll be learning a lot of concepts regarding dentofacial orthopedics and orthodontics. Upon completing this program, you can be called an orthodontist.

To gain the voluntary certification, you must pass both clinical and written exam as ordered by the American Board of Orthodontics. Once you succeed, it won’t be long before you’ll be recognized as a famous orthodontist Greensboro.

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