Orthodontist Greensboro – Making a Difference to People with Malocclusions

People with malocclusions suffer from difficulties that prevent them to live normally. It could not just complicate their daily living but it can also decrease their enjoyment in life. Orthodontists are keen in resolving these issues, which is their primary objective.

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Orthodontic treatments are not free with risks. Despite that, we continuously find ways to make sure our treatments are safe and effective. We at Orthodontist Greensboro care for our patients, and we want them to have a second chance in life.

Our orthodontists recognize different kinds of risk for patients. We minimize these in order for our patients to have better teeth and better lives.

Diet and Oral Hygiene

Tooth decay and gum disease are the common effects of poor dental care. Another kind of dental problem, called decalcification, can also happen. Decalcification and tooth decay can intensify mainly due to unhealthy eating habits. Excessive eating of foods and beverages rich in sugar can also worsen the situation.

To aid this problem, our specialist highly recommends proper oral hygiene, like regular tooth brushing and flossing. Avoiding unhealthy foods could also simplify the recovery of the patients’ teeth.

Gum Health

Imagine our teeth without gums; we cannot even eat and speak properly due to its absence. Gums help support the teeth, which allow us to do our basic functions like eating and speaking. Bacteria inside the mouth can cause gum inflammations like oral thrashes. This can cause pain, and it greatly affects the whole mouth.

This is a problem that has a simple remedy. Maintaining good oral hygiene is always the major deterrent of bacteria. Using mouthwash can help remove dirt on hard-to-reach parts of the mouth.

Appliances not working properly

Wearing orthodontic appliances (braces, retainers) can sometimes cause irritation at first. It can hurt the gums and can cause pain. These are inevitable, especially for first-time wearers. If in case this happens, our experts will help you understand the instructions on how to put the devices properly. This is to minimize the discomfort and unnecessary pain.

There are also rare cases in which braces and retainers can be swallowed accidentally. To prevent this from happening, our orthodontists will check if you experience unusual conditions from time to time.

Cooperation from patients

When operations are finished, most patients think that it is the end of their treatment. For cases which require them to wear corrective devices, it is important that they continuously wear it. This aids the teeth to eventually correct itself.

There are cases which orthodontists require a patient to wear retainers with required hours per day. It is a delicate process that also requires proper oral hygiene, and making sure that patients religiously follow these steps can lead to a perfect set of teeth.

Any medical treatment is not without risk, but we are looking for alternatives to counter these. We do this not just to provide orthodontic treatments for our patients. We at Orthodontist Greensboro do this because we believe our patients are better than what they are. The ability to live normally can give them a new chance, and a simple orthodontic operation can make a huge difference in their lives.


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