Orthodontist Greensboro – 6 Ways to Ensure Clean Teeth with Braces

Our teeth plays an important part in our lives. Not only does it help us eat, it can also be a factor that describes us as a person. When you bump into friend or someone you know, what do you usually do? Don’t we smile and wave?

What happens when it’s all damaged and crooked? We get conscious. We start to fear because you don’t want to be judged. So, what happens then when we don’t smile and wave back? It can ruin a friendship. On that note, we head to the dentist and have our teeth fixed. That is why dental clinics like Orthodontist Greensboro exist.

Orthodontists fix crooked and misaligned teeth to gain that winning, friendly kilowatt smile. Most of us would have braces installed. These are metallic paraphernalia attached on our teeth to ensure them of their alignment.

Braces may cause some discomfort at first. On top of that, it can make your teeth more difficult to clean. Here are some steps to get through the whole brace issue you’re encountering:

1. Find a good toothbrush. Most orthodontists would recommend one that will suit your work-in-progress beautiful teeth. Otherwise, you can always ask or purchase a special one that has a pointed end and groove.

This type of toothbrush should be able to get through those tight-fitted spaces. Also, be mindful not to buy a toothbrush with very hard bristles. This will only make things more painful for you on your first few weeks.

2. Brush normally but religiously. As you begin brushing your teeth, go with short circular motions. Start with the front, then the back, then the chewing surface. Make sure you do this with ease. Don’t brush too harshly or it might cause your gums to bleed.

3. Angle around your braces. When brushing, make sure that you can get under the wires. Angle your toothbrush above and below your braces to ensure that the bristles get under them and take out food particles that got stuck there.

4. Get every tooth thoroughly brushed. Make sure that every tooth will not go unnoticed when you’re brushing. It would be such a shame to lose a tooth because you have failed to clean it that it became filled with cavity.

With the presence of braces, it can be a bit easier for cavities to get stuck in some spaces. To avoid this, brush each tooth gently but thoroughly.

5. Gargle, spit and check. As you finish brushing your teeth, gargle water then spit. Lean from side to side to check if there are still some grime left. It would be better if you have proper lighting in your bathroom.

6. Floss and gargle mouthwash. To guarantee that there’s nothing left of those cavity-inducing specks, use a dental floss. Flossing cleans areas that your toothbrush cannot reach especially spaces between teeth.

Insert those thin dental strings on hard-to-reach areas. After that, gargle with mouthwash to add a more refreshing feeling in your mouth.

Never take your teeth for granted. Without them, life can be a bit hard. Practice proper, gentle dental care at home for a stronger oral cavity. Let yourself be committed enough to achieve positive results and a healthier set of teeth.

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