How To Handle Your Orthodontic Devices

Orthodontic devices come in various types — retainer, rubber bands and wires to name a few. Of them, the most common has to be the braces.

An orthodontist Greensboro would never fail to remind you to brush and floss your teeth after every meal. Your toothbrush should contain sufficient amount of fluoride. More so, you should also rinse with a mouthwash. It is imperative then to handle both your teeth and these devices with care since they promote the accumulation of food and failure to do so warrants teeth staining and the likes.

When flossing your teeth, it’s important to do it carefully since braces are delicate. Using a sawing motion, carefully guide the short end of the floss between the upper area of the tooth and the main arch wire –the part closest to the gums. Do such in a gentle manner; too much force may cause damage.

In brushing your teeth, it’s recommended to use a soft toothbrush since orthodontic devices are fragile. Start at the top then gently brush all the way to the bottom of each tooth with braces. It is strongly suggested to get a proxabrush, a brush specifically designed to clean two braces. Apply several but gentle strokes to every tooth before you proceed to another one. Repeat until you’ve brushed all teeth.

Before you let an orthodontist Greensboro install the braces, you must accept the fact that you’ll need to modify your lifestyle. For example, you may need to cut some foods into tiny pieces before eating. But there are those specific foods which you really need to avoid so that you can prevent your braces from getting damaged. Some of those foods include:

  • Bagels, apples and other foods which are hard to bite
  • Carrots, nuts, popcorns and hard pretzels
  • Caramels, taffy and other chewy foods

When wearing removable retainers, you need clean them as well. You must have a denture cleanser to disinfect your retainer at least twice a week. Some of the famous denture cleansers are Polident and Efferdent. In a cup full of warm water, add a considerable amount of denture cleanser and soak your retainers. Let sit. Before wearing them, rinse with plain and clean water.

For athletes and sports inclined individuals, you can still play even with your braces or retainers on. However, you need to wear a special mouth guard to protect your braces in case your mouth gets hit by an object, the ball for instance. This mouth guard is made of a durable plastic and is very comfortable to wear. More so, it safeguards the soft tissues in your mouth.

It is always significant to take good care of your braces, retainer or other orthodontic devices you’re using. Should these devices get damaged, you should see your orthodontist Greensboro immediately.

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